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Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine “PU-1000″

Universal Testing Machine : PU Series


Test Items Compressive, Tensile, Tortional Stress
Stroke Length 230mm
Dimensions H1120mm×D350mm×W440mm
Weight 50kg
  • Adopted Direct Drive Motor
  • Transversely installation is available by air bearing
  • Torque measurement for indentation load control
  • Simplified thermostatic chamber is mounted
チャンバー拡大 Simplified Thermostatic

  • Compressive, tensile and tortional stress test for Machine Elements
  • Tensile break test and three point flexural test for Guidewires
  • Tensile test and tortional test for Catheter Tubings
  • Creep test, stress relaxation test
  • Mechanical testing methods for Metallic Bone Screws
    (Comply with JIS T 0311 – Japan Industrial Standards)
  • Also availabe for transmission characteristics test of Reducers and Ball Screws