Torque Measurement for General Purpose Morter torque For Automobile and Industrial Equipments For Medical Devices
RF Shield Box Verious Test Equipments Software
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Medical Devices and Materials
Metallic Dental and Bone Implants Comply with JIS T 0311 – Japan Industrial Standards

・ Screw test
・ Tortional Break test
・ Pullout test

Comply with ASTMF543 – 13 Standard Specification and Test Methods for Metallic Medical Bone Screws

・ Self-Tapping Screw Torque test

Guidewire Transmission
Torque transmissibility test
Tortional Torque test
Catheter Stress Creep and Stress Relaxation test
Tortional test (Break test)

Endurance test of Hydrophilic Coating for Guidewire

Pushability test for Catheter and Guidewire

Tensile and Flexual test for Catheter and Guidewire

Torque measurement for Magnetic Materials in High Magnetic Fields

Seaming Torque measurement for Pre-filled Syringes

Flexual, Crush and Kink test for Medical Tubings

Automatic Low Humidity Coating Equipment

Low Power Agitation Equipment

Motor Torque

Load measurement for Small DC Motors

Load test for DC Brushless Motors

Performance test with Environmental Test Chamber

Load test for Induction Mortors

Load test for Motors of Dental Handpieces
(60,000 revolutions)

Load test for Dental Air Spindles
(200,000 revolutions)

Detent Torque measurement for Stepper Motors

Detent Angle measurement for Stepper Motors


Wiper Motors Torque

Endurance test for Wiper Motors

Wiper Motrs Cogging Torque

Stress test for Accelerator pedals

Endurance test Accelerator pedals

Dashboard Switch Torque

Moment of Inertia for Dashboard Switches

Sliding Torque of Dashboard Vent-hole

Sun Visors Torque

Backlash test for Car Seats

Sliding Torque of Intake Manifolds

Car Damper Torque

Machine Elements

Friction Torque for Hinges, Dampers and Clutches

Endurance test for Hinges, Dampers and Clutches

Ball Screws Torque

Backlash measurement for Motor Reducers

Torque for ADF of Copiers

Screw Tightening Torque

Endurance test for Dampers

Tortional Torque for Copier Rollers

Endurance test for Tortion of Copier Rollers

Interdigitation Torque for Camera Lenses

Zoom Focus Sliding Torque for Camera Lense

Switching Torque for Camera

Sliding Torque for Manipulators

Micro Torque

Torque Loss in Bearings

Micro Slipping Torque for Small Gears

Cogging Torque for Small Motors